Apple is waiting for Fortnite to return

Apple would allow Fortnite to return to iOS under one condition


If we had to choose a news item on Fortnite that it was not entirely linked to the more than imminent premiere of its season 4, which will be based on a super crossover with wonder, serious the war between Epic Games and Manzana which would come to us more easily to the head. No wonder, the competition between the two companies has grown in recent days with a series of alliances and statements that have not left anyone indifferent.

However, it took time for his own Manzana to deepen her position on the conflict a little more; something positive, because it’s always good to listen to the two voices that are part of a fight. And precisely the wishes of Manzana in this sense in relation to Fortnite, they are simple; although diametrically opposed to those of Epic Games.

The point is that the PC Player portal companions They have collected a snippet from one of the company’s latest communications in which it specified something key: Manzana will allow Fortnite to return to iOS always and when Epic Games stick to them. conditions that you have agreed to abide by from the start. Here are the words used by the company to make its position known:

This alleged damage that Epic is seeking to repair could end tomorrow if Epic Games reconsider and resolves the opponent’s breakup. Apple has given Epic Games the opportunity to back down and get everything back to what it was before the company introduced its own payment method which caused all this chaos. “

As we can see from these words, the truth is that while it seems like the companies are still a long way from meeting each other, it seems there is some intention on the part of the two for things to be. resolved; although the dispositions of each go in opposite directions.

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