Fortnite accused of stealing dances

They accuse Fortnite of stealing their dance steps

Epic Games and its game Fortnite have taken the annoying habit of reproducing dances that have gone viral without necessarily warning their creator … Ana Coto is unhappy.

TIKTOK – Certified copy. Since confinement, TikTok has met with real success and not only with adolescents. While dances are still the platform’s favorite theme, other content is increasingly shared.

Since the beginning of the year, Ana Coto has made a name for herself on the social network thanks to her frenzied movements on roller skates. To date, it has nearly two million subscribers.

And this success does not go unnoticed. At the beginning of August, a new emote, dances sold on Fortnite for the different characters, was leaked, as you can see in the video above. These are actually movements performed by Ana Coto in a TikTok that went viral at the time of the lockdown.

The video has over 15 million views. “Flattered but not credited?”, Called out the young woman on Instagram. Since this is a simple leak, Ana Coto is hoping to be approached by Epic Games to have her nickname featured on this emote titled “Freewheelin”. His mail has for the moment remained a dead letter

Epic Games has already won its case

This is not the first time that Epic Games has reproduced dances that have become popularized by stars. In Fortnite we find dances popularized by Snoop Dog, Will Smith or movie characters.

And the case of not snatched on social networks is not unprecedented either. Last July, the emote titled “Renegate”, which features the dance imagined by Jalaiah Harmon on TikTok, was released on the game. But its creator has been credited.

Last April, the creator of the choreography for “Phone it in,” New York saxophonist Leo Pellegrino, took the case to Pennsylvania court. Epic Games had just unveiled an emote of the same name where players had the opportunity to take out musical instruments to play a fast tune while dancing. Leo Pellegrino sued the company for resemblance to what he created. The judge ruled he was missing elements and claimed that in Fortnite, the characters had been transformed enough to not look like what he was doing.

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