When will the cars arrive in Fortnite? Epic finally gives a date

When will the cars arrive in Fortnite? Epic finally gives a date

The highly anticipated arrival of cars in Fortnite Season 3 is about to happen. Epic Games has just given a sufficiently clear signal to players who are waiting for these new in-game vehicles.

Since the launch of Season 3 of Chapter 2, the developers of Fortnite have let players know that cars will be added soon. However, with the flooding of the map and the arrival of Aquaman, it is difficult for a land vehicle to move properly without any roads to take.

Now that the water has receded and the season is well underway, players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of these cars in the battle royale.

Fortunately for Fortnite fans and after a brief delay, we now have a date to chew on and shared directly by Epic. The cars will therefore be added with the Joy Ride patch scheduled for Wednesday, August 5.

The developers thus presented the cars to come through a first glimpse of the Whiplash, a red and blue sports car ready to swallow the miles and already seen in the trailer for Season 3.

“Not just a name: a warning,” we learn of this Whiplash. It looks like this car is one of the fastest vehicles out there and players can look forward to different options when the patch hits the servers.

This update will mark the end of the long wait since the announcement at the start of the season that “several vehicles were being held for inspection” and which frustrated the players so much.

Previous leaks have revealed that cars will have a top speed of around 28-45 with around 500 health as well as the ability for players to “eject” after taking 50 damage.

More importantly, these leaks report that players will be able to collect materials by hitting objects as was the case with Brutes in previous seasons.

When a car explodes, it inflicts 800 damage to the structures around it and 50 to nearby players against 200 to the most distant according to the data files.

Driving a car in Fortnite should give teams a powerful and fun new tool for traveling the island. Be careful, however, because you will certainly have to refuel regularly to avoid running out of gas in the middle of a chase.

While there are no new issues to report, Fortnite will introduce its fleet of new vehicles very soon with the highly anticipated Season 3 patch 13.40 this Wednesday, August 5

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