Fortnite: $ 1 billion in revenue from microtransactions

Fortnite: more than a billion dollars in mobile revenue, thank you microtransactions


If we already knew that Fortnite was a cash machine for Epic Games, the latest figures reported by Sensor Tower give a layer. Indeed, the analysis firm indicates that the mobile version, available on iOS and Android for two years now, has enabled the American studio to garner a billion dollars in revenue thanks to microtransactions. Obviously, COVID-19 and the containment imposed by the various governments are not unrelated to this performance, not to mention the recent arrival of the game on the Google Play Store ($ 937,000 in revenue only, the rest going to the AppStore).

And then, there is also the concert of Travis Scott which makes that 44.3 million dollars was spent in the month of April alone, 90% more than in March, and 25.3% more from one year to the next – the best result since February 2019. We learn that it is the American players who have heated up the credit card the most: alone, they represent 63% of the microtransactions carried out (632 million dollars), just ahead of the United Kingdom (38.2 million) and Switzerland (36.3 million).

As for the total number of downloads, it stands at 129 million, with the United States still at the top of the ranking with 51 million downloads. The United Kingdom comes second (8 million), while France is in third position (5.7 million). Logically, it is on the AppStore that the most downloads were made (125 million), the application having only arrived in April on the Google Play Store (4.2 million).

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